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Date: April 10th 1944
Mr. & Mrs. Wilson
Elizabeth Parkes

2460 Montague St.
April 10, 1944

Dear Mr. & Mrs. Wilson

How very sad we felt when we saw that you also have lost (for awhile) a dear boy. Only those who have lasted that bitterness can fully share your sorrow.
Only three weeks ago we saw our beloved Sammy's personal belongings home
It was an experience which upset my husband who is still an invalid from the spinal surgery he received two years ago while rebuilding our burned home and he is just recovering after two weeks in bed.
How many broken hearts and homes there are and alas! will still he before this dreadful war is war is over.
I keep hoping and praying for the sake of all other mothers and wives that the so called 2nd front (There have been many fronts our boys have fought) need not have to be.
My husband joins me in deepest sympathy to you all. Only God can send the help you need and comfort your sore hearts. We must look forward now to that glad day when we shall all meet again when all sorrow and partings will be ended. May Bible students (I mean people who really make a study of Bible prophecy) believe Our Lord is Coming in the not too distant future, perhaps sooner than most people think to bring Peace to this hopeless world. Our boys may be called to help in that Great day. He is bringing a "Chosen Army" with Him the Bible [?].
Please remember me kindly to Melville. Our life in Kingston seems so far away now. We had many happy days there when we were altogether.

Yours with heartfelt

Elizabeth Parkes

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