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Date: October 17th 1943


Dear Mother:-

Well here I am on leave at last. I couldn't get hold of Mel in time to go and see him. You remember me telling you about that new [?] who pulled me off my bunk when we were at Pawson, well he is the fellow I am on leave with. We spent one day in London and we quickly got fed up with that. Then we went to York which is a very old place. It even has a old stone wall around it with a drawbridge and all. I am sending you a couple of postcards along just to show you what it was like. I didn't enjoy the place much because it was to old & ugly for me and [?]. We stayed there a couple of days and then we moved on to Leeds, where we are at present. It is a much livelier spot and a lot newer. We are staying at a fairly nice hotel and it only costs us about a dollar-fifty for that & breakfast which is very good for this country. We are going to Edenburg to-morrow. So we are really getting around and seeing the country. I met Herman's brother in York while I was there and it was quite a surprise both to him and me to see each other. We had quite a chat and he is just about he same old scoundrel as he was back home there are quite a lot of Canadians around this part of the country so I thought that I might run into Austman & [?] but so far I haven't seen them. We have visited just about every historical spot in York & Leeds so now we are going to look over Edenburg which everyone says is a very nice spot. I have to be back next Friday so I won't be able to wander around much more. We are having quite a quiet time just looking over the country and stooging around. Well I seem to have run out of news so I will quite for now and write again after I get back from Edenburg.


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