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Date: 1916
Henry Crozier Smith


My own darling girlie,

Thanks for the box of good things arrived all safe except 1 bottle of yellow stuff which was smashed. I wonder what you are doing about coming here. I can't say definitely when we will start but I still think it will be before the end of the week. We have turned in everything we don't need and we are ready to go anytime.

I saw Mrs. Stevens last night. Miss Moir is in Scotland. She also asked if you were coming, but did not say anything about putting you up and I could not well ask her direct, there were a lot of other men there. But I should think if you are coming a wire would do the deed. I was up at Miss Payne's afterwards. They have got a lady and a parson with them. It is difficult to know what to do but I think Miss Stevens is the best. We can't get out much now, rushing about doing odd jobs and cleaning up. At present we are sewing our gas helmet pockets - first aid stuff on our. We carry 2 helmets and a pair of goggles for weeping gas.

The colonel spoke to us all yesterday, was very complimentary. Said Sir Sam Hughes said we were far and away the best battalion he had seen and that other high officials have all said the same and that we must try to keep up the record at the front. Now good bye my darling in case we do not meet for some time and don't worry. Good-bye to Herbert too and tell him he is to take great care of you while I am away. Miss Braerey has got my cane and is going to send it to him if she does not see you.

With lots of love to you both,

Yours ever, Henry