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Date: 1916
Henry Crozier Smith



My own darling girlie,

It has not come to my turn for leave this week after all, so we will have to look for better luck the week after.

Monday was another lovely day, we skirmished over Ludshott Moor to some nice fernie woods where we had lunch then had to march home a round about way although very pretty lanes. In the evening Buchan, De Cima and I went to Miss Moir's.

We have started reveille at 5:30 now and physical jerks before breakfast. Last night I was on Thorns picket. It had been wet all day but luckily cleared up in the evening. Richard was also on. Today being Wednesday is a half holiday. We did nothing all morning except a muster parade at 8. After that we were in our huts tidying them up for Major Davie's benefit as he was going to inspect them at 11. Major D. is even worse than the colonel was. We seem to spend half of our time now fixing our kits or making pretty patterns on the walls with our equipment. The whole thing is so absurd. For instance, we have a big shelf above our bed but the only thing allowed to go on the shelf is our mess tin and a spare boot on each side. Everything else you have not room for in the kit bag must be hidden on the floor under the bed. My spare boots are at the bootmaker so my mess tin is all alone, poor thing. I have rather a bad headache this afternoon. Am going out for supper with De Cima.

Best love to all my darling,

Yours ever, Henry