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Date: June 26th 1916
Henry Crozier Smith

June 26, 1916


My own darling girlie,

Have not had a letter to thank you for.

I was up at Ridgecap on Saturday (with Terran) and Sunday. Apparently Sarah is stopping till Monday and you are going to be asked on Tuesday so that father won't be left all alone when aunt and Emma are in London. If by any chance I am ordered off in a hurry I am to wire you and they will make room for you at once. I don't think we are likely to go for a bit. The last rumour I have heard is that we start on or about the 20th July, when reinforcements arrive. I am still at the Lewis gun course. This afternoon we went out beyond Linchmere and practiced with the "range finders", very interesting instruments. Tomorrow the whole battalion, in fact the whole camp, are marching to Whitle Camp to rehearse for a review before the King. On Saturday we march to Whitley for the review itself. That is the way they give us a holiday and sports on Dominion Day. I hope they won't take us to Whitley every day this week to rehearse. They are quite capable of it!

I hope the weather improves before you come. It has become rather changeable again. I am afraid I won't be able to get sleeping out leave when you are here but I will try for a weekend.

Now I must stop as I have to get back and clean up my harness!
With very best love my darling and hoping to see you before very long.

I remain yours ever,