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Date: July 27th 1916
Henry Crozier Smith

July 27th 1916

Bramshott, Hants.

My own darling girlie,

Thanks for your letter. Was glad to hear you arrived safely but am sorry my way was not altogether a success. I expect you are having a fine time by the sea. Here it is fearfully hot now and we have had quite an energetic week so far. Tuesday morning we went to Whitmore Common (beyond Liphook) and practiced maneuvers till 10:30 p.m. Wednesday we did our maneuvers (7:30 til 3) before General Alderson - Inspector General - who seemed pleased with us and said we would be in France in 2 to 3 weeks. Today we were at bayonet work all morning, paid this afternoon and parade in heavy marching order at 6:30 p.m., either a route march or maneuvers. Then today's pay was the last we get in England. I went over to Ridgecap last night. They were out picnicking but I was given tea and they turned up about 7. I left with a box of cigs and a pot of honey. I see on tomorrow's orders I am down to report to Mr. Bentley to report for machine gun course. I suppose that means the range. It is fearfully hot and muggy today. I think we must be going to have a thunderstorm. I will see about your stockings when I get a chance of going to Redcroft, but I was doomed not to get there Tuesday and tonight both stopped.

Now I must stop, with fondest love my darling to you and Herbert,

Yours ever, Henry