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Date: September 8th 1943


Dear Mother;-

I think that I spent most of my spare time writing letters and yet I never seem to catch up with them. [?] airmail letters arrive about every two days but I haven't received any ordinary letters for about 2 weeks nor have I received any parcels in quite some time, but I am not worrying about it. As for the news of Melville, he was stationed for a couple of weeks and he wasn't allowed to write anybody from there. Then after that he got some leave so he hasn't had much time to write anybody. I don't think that he has moved out of this country yet but he may do any day. I put in a posting leaving to Italy as I am getting sick and tired of hearing this English accent all the time and now that two of them are in our crew it is really getting out of control. They are a good bunch of guys allright but they are still all for England and against everything else. Thank god there are plenty of Canadians around her to keep me company. I am sorry to hear that Leonard got his call but maybe he won't have to go with his eyes, I expect that Cecil will get his next year to so you will soon have the whole family in it. I just heard the news about Italy and is everybody over here celebrating, you would think that the war was over to hear all the noise. It sure does boost the old moral but I will probably fly harder than ever now. That must be going to be quite the exciting race they are putting on but I don't think that old Tyler would stand a chance. They should have the mad driver Melville in there, he would walk away with the prize easily. If Jack comes to see you when he is home tell him to drop me a line as I just finished writing him a long letter. Give him my best regards to and tell him to stay sober on his leave. How did Jack Boomhower make our with the labor board, it would sure make him mad if he had to go to work. It is funny that he hasn't been called up yet because he must be 18 by now. I guess Dave must be over here by now so I should be hearing from him any day now, if he bother to write of course. I hope he does as I am getting kind of lonesome for a Regina face even if it is one like Dave's. I wish I could get some leave so I could visit Melville or somebody and get rid of my excess steam. I am getting so lazy that I don't even feel like eating anymore not that the good is any good to eat anyways. But just the same I getting into a definite slump of homesickness so pleas write often and boost my moral. Well enough for now and just in time to. Hoping that this finds you all well & as for Victor tickle him for me.


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