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Date: March 6th 1944
Mrs. Wilson
Laurie Hallesaw

614 - 7th Ave So.
Lethbridge, Alta
March 6/44

Dear Mrs. Wilson:

I have just received a letter from Mrs. Wrye with a clipping from the Leader telling that Orval is missing overseas, and want to tell you how sorry I am. My sympathy goes out to all the family, but especially to you Mrs. Wilson, as these things are hardest for the Mother, and I do know what Orval was such a favourite with you. Perhaps you may have received further word by this time, or if not that you may hear before long. It has happened that way many times during this war, and we can only hope and pray that it may be so in the case of Orval. I know the suspense if possibly the worst thing one can experience, but somehow you will be giving strength, I am sure of that, and then you have all the others to think of which will help keep you going at this time.
I received your Christmas card and was pleased to hear from you. I'm still liking Lethbridge and the change has certainly done me good, although I do miss Regina terribly, and look forward to the time when I can get back for awhile.
The winter here has been very mild, but so it has in Regina. We're having a cold spell now and don't care much about it. Am expecting my brother down to see me shortly after Easter. He is so busy all the time with his church work and then his small farm - they have so many chickens, also a cow & some pigs recently acquired. It means a great deal towards their living in these times, and of course they do make considerable out of the eggs.
I seem busy all the time (have been doing some night work at the office) and I am in the choir and other church activities, as well as teaching in Sunday School.
Again expressing to you my deepest sympathy and with the hope that you may yet receive better news.
You will probably not feel like writing me just now, but I will try to keep in touch through other Regina friends


Laurie Hallesaw

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