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Date: September 25th 1918

Cagna Court
Sept 25th 1918

My Dear Sister:

I received your letter of Aug 25th about three days ago it having been delayed for a week as you did not include the number of my battery in the address. However it is here all the same and that is the main thing. I came off duty this morning after having an ordinary day not very busy although I did not get very much sleep.

Suppose you had a couple of trips to the Ex. and by accounts it has been a success.

So Dr. Wright made his offer again. I think you are wise to stay where you are unless he makes it worth while. I guess you have been having some very hot weather and the beach would be quite a relief. We have fared very well and have had very little really hot weather and now it is beginning to get chilly, but we have plenty of clothes so can easily stand that. Do not have the same extremes as in Canada, and it is a good thing.

You have been having a busy time with Auto accidents and it is a wonder they do not try more to prevent them. I guess it is pretty hard especially in a city the size of Toronto.

Have been looking for a Canadian mail every day lately but so far it has not put in an appearance. It is about the main event out here so you can imagine how eager we are to see it coming.

You will miss Miss Locke when she goes to Wpg but still I suppose you have plenty of friends. Will be looking for a letter from Elizabeth any of these days advising what she is doing. No doubt she will be anxious to come across and I suppose will come with the first bunch she can join.

Suppose you will like to know how I am getting along about my Comm. Papers. They have been travelling around for some time and finally caught up to me again it seems, so I got an order to appear before a General for an interview which I did on Sept 22nd after an attempt on the 20th which was not successful. The papers I had in were for a commission in the Royal Garrison Artillery or the British Branch, as the Canadian was not open at the time. It however opened a day before I was to see him so he advised me to make out papers for the Canadian Garrison Artillery and he would recommend me along with several others. I therefore did this and today was up for an interview by our Colonel. Upon arrival there was advised I was to return apparently because the one I had in July was sufficient. Do not expect to have to appear before the General again as the one interview will be sufficient. Understand I have still to see another one higher up.

This is my progress so far and now I will have to wait for further orders which may arrive anytime from now until nine months or so hence. Have been advised I will probably not have very long to wait as they have an order in for more than usual. Anyway I wish you to keep it among yourselves at least until I am ordered to England for the course and the results will not be known for about three months later. Six of our nine observors have put in papers and also several others. They do not like to see us go but do not attempt to stop us. Of Course they work of observors specially suits them and is a great help. I am hoping to get my two weeks leave anyway before I go and that after arrival in England for the course you get more leave. Of course I am only looking ahead and I will not know anything definite until I get my Railway Ticket and less than a days notice.

One thing I think advisable, as parcels sent to France cannot be sent on to England without considerable trouble and expense, you had better not send me any more parcels after receiving this, as there is a possibility I may be in England before they come and they would not be forwarded. Also advise anyone else who may be sending me anything, and I will keep you advised as to what I am doing.

You will see part of this letter is of interest to you, and after reading it please send it on home. Will be busy for the next few days so may not have much time to write but will drop a line as often as possible. We have received good news from the East tonight, and they have been doing things in good shape there.

My address for mail is the same and it can easily be forwarded. Parcels are really the only thing. Marshall has also put in his papers but it is very doubtful if we will be able to get away together.

Think this is about all I have to say this time, so will close.

Love to all

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