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Date: October 16th 1918

Oct 16th 1918

Dear Mother:

During the last couple of days I have received a total of ten letters so I will have to get busy and answer them. I received a couple of letters from Elizabeth from New York telling all about the time she was having there and yesterday I also received one from her from France, so she is now safely landed on this side. It took nine days to reach me but must have been delayed somewhere. You have doubtless heard from her in detail also by this time. I also received a letter from Maggie Wilkie one from Evelyn dated Sept 19th and one from Isabel dated Sept 22nd, so I have received most of the news up to date. Notice what Evelyn says about my letters of June. They are quite correct as on June 28th we had been in the line six days. It doesn't really matter very much anyway but I think you forget the letter I sometimes. However what does it matter now. Would like to get at that pear tree but I suppose it will be well taken care of.

Have received several letters from Eliz. and they contain news similar to what you have received, and from now on, I should be hearing from you quicker than you will. Yes I received the box of candy in good shape and acknowledged it a short time ago. Also notice you have another box on the way and it should be along one of these fine days.

Heard about the Drs trip up to the camp and while the weather was not the best I suppose he enjoyed the change. Fishing was not extra good apparently, but it would be late in the season.

So the horse deal did not come off. I guess he is pretty careful. Anyway the price was not a high one. Yes my pen was broken before I sent it and that was the reason I sent it home. I broke it about a year ago when lifting shells and it broke in my tunic pocket. I suppose I was careless anyway. Note what you say about the box you are sending and also about another to come in a couple of weeks time. You have my letter about not sending any more at the present time. Have not heard anything further about my papers but it is generally the way and I may not hear for some time.

Note what the Doctor says and you should be able to get agreeable employment in Toronto alright these days. Living is of course high there but that should be easily covered if you get a good position.

Pleased to hear you received the pictures from England alright as I did not know if they would reach you or not. They were ten in number and in a later letter I think I described what they were. Of course they are places about which I am very well acquainted and one in particular was a familiar one for the first month.

Yes I read in the papers about Hales and they have rather a risky time of it. That was strange that the wheels came off the buggy. Sometime like a motor lorry I had a ride on a few days ago. When I got off the hind wheel was almost two feet away from the hub on the end of an axle. However no damage done.

My last letter was dated Oct 10th and have little of interest since that date. It has been a little quieter. Saw some more prisoners coming in. I am on duty in the office every third day. At present my billet is about five miles from where I go on duty but we have lorries for conveyance and it is quiet and restful when we get there.

My time for leave is drawing nearer as there are only eight ahead of me now which will mean I should get away in about ten days time. If all goes well, I intend visiting Paris and also seeing Elizabeth for a couple of days when I learn her whereabouts. At present I have her address and have written her a couple of letters but do not know where she is. Anyway I should be able to find out something from the American authorities in Paris. My leave will be for fourteen days, the same as you get going to England, but you have to pay railway faire in France.

The weather has been very good lately except it has been a little cooler. Today it has been raining a little but the mud around here is not so very bad as it is more sandy. Wonderful changes have taken place in the locality during the past couple of weeks. I was for a walk a couple of days ago over what was our front line a couple of weeks ago and you would hardly recognize it. Of course the villages are well flattened out from shellfire. The majority of them around here are still standing well and can soon be rebuilt if we do not stop near them too long. There have been all kinds of reports but I did not put much faith in them until we know something definite. Think myself it will be next year before we have the enemy trimmed to our satisfaction.

Have had a chance to get more fruit lately from our canteen, and it is a treat. Have sent to England for £7.00 about $35.00 for leave and that along with about $50.00 I can draw should be about enough for two weeks. On the 18th it will be a year since my arrival in France, and on Nov 6th two years since I joined. Not very long, but it has been full of events of interest.

I think this is all the news I have today. May not have much time to write while on leave but I will drop a line as often as possible.

Love to all

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