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Date: 1917

Thursday P.M. [1917]

Dear Mother:

Just a short letter to know I am still on the way. You would receive my letters written on the train. We are afloat in sight of shore and well looked after in every way. Meals good and everything O.K. Get a little drill every day to keep us in shape. Did you get a picture post card and also a plain unstamped post card I mailed you? Let me know. Was greatly surprised yesterday to receive a letter from Lizzie and Will and it was very welcome. While I think of it you did not send me that address in Scotland. Write me at once with it as we will probably leave and I may go there if I have a chance. The weather is raw and cold but today is warmer. There are pages I could write but if I did you would not receive it. We get quite a lot of work to do even more than otherwise but it is mostly running around. Have not had any leave since arriving and will not get any.

Have very little else to say. Will look for a long letter or letters later. Have you done anything yet about a house? It will be a week tomorrow since we started.

Bye bye for present

With love to all

(Send this one to Guelph & don't destroy it)

The eats I got were very good. The address I gave will be alright. Put on C.E.F Thank Will for looking after the snaps. Hope the others will turn out good taken at the station.


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Original Scans