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Date: May 29th 1918

May 29th 1918

Dear Mother:

Have a little time to spare so will write you a few lines as it is quite a time since I last wrote. A couple of days ago did 24hrs on duty at the observation post but nothing out of ordinary occurred although it was lively for a while. After returning packed up and changed places with another battery so now we are a little further back even though we do not expect it will be for long. Have not had any mail for about ten days now and no parcels for some time and I understand they are being held in Canada and will likely all be along in a bunch one of these days. Had a long letter from Elizabeth a short time ago and she had been out to Highwood for a day and apparently enjoyed the trip. Suppose I will soon be hearing whether she is to be accepted for Overseas in the U.S. Service. No doubt they are sending many over these days.

We have been having some very fine weather lately. Some days it is very warm but at present just pleasant. Our baseball team played their first game a few days ago and lost by a small margin. I did not see it as I was on duty. Have seen a few of the 64th boys during the last couple of days. They seem to be getting along alright. There are not many of the Canadian near us at present but expect to see some I know soon.

At present we are living in a German tunnel which is about 15 feet underground and certainly safe enough but the ceiling is hardly high enough to let us stand up and it is also a little damp being in the earth. All the walls are of plank and it is well built with three entrances.

Expect to be hearing from you next from Kearney and you might show this letter to Isabel although I suppose she will be on holidays about the time this reaches you.

I received a card from Mrs Gray, when she was in Guelph a few days ago. Have I ever met her? Do not remember the name of the Doctor who was out West but probably she is his wife. I mean the one who was in the explosion. Did I mention in my last letter to send a little sugar occassionally as we can often use it and cannot get it here. Think this is all I know of.

This is about all at present will write again in a few days and let you know what I am doing. Hope you are all having a good time.

With love

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