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Date: May 12th 1918

May 12th 1918

My Dear Mother:

I have not written you for some time so will write you tonight. In reading the paper noticed today was to be Mothers Day for their Army so I got the inspiration to write you and possibly the day is being recognized in Canada too. Hope you and all at home are quite well and I am pleased to say this leaves me in the best of health.

Attended a church service this afternoon. They are trying to hold one every Sunday if possible as of course only the men off duty can really attend and it happened to be my day off this time. Really have very little to write about as things here are about the same and have had no further Canadian mail for almost ten days. Received the box from Miss Laking, containing some fine cake and cookies, also canned coffee and sugar and it was all very welcome.

We have been having some fine warm weather lately and it has been nice to get around outside as the trees are now out in leaf and flowers are blooming everywhere. Our supper is just cooking now and if you want to know what it is will advise that we got a dozen eggs from our canteen at 8 cents each and are frying them along with some fine sliced bacon one of my chums got from Canada. We have a fairly good stock just now with exception of fruit which is hard to get. Bought some Salmon, Pickles and Biscuits today, and we also have coffee and cocoa so we can have something wherever we wish.

Got a new tunic a couple of days ago. It is the Imperial pattern with turned down collar and I am putting on Canadian Buttons. The other one which I got last October was becoming pretty shabby.

May 13th

Did not finish this yesterday so will do so now. Today is a little cooler with a little rain but we do not mind a little. Will address this and all further letters to Kearney as I expect by the time this reaches Canada you will be settled there. You will have to get Will to go up this summer and I imagine he will be glad to get the chance of a change and a rest for a couple of weeks.

I hope Father has been able to make out what I wanted about the letter I wrote him about the papers at Watts. It is hard to explain things at this distance but he will understand what is wanted. I wrote Isabel a letter a few days ago about a paper I asked her to get in Toronto and if you will examine it, at the same time as the cards you have, you will know what is referred to. Sorry I cannot give you any direct information concerning it.

I am off duty today but will be on duty tomorrow and back about dusk again. Everything is about the same as usual. Being busier at times. Heard of a couple of 64th who had been wounded. They came across when I did. One fellow worked at Gibsons and just joined about two months before we left. Think they are not serious.

Think this is about all the news at present. The box has not yet arrived but I will drop a line when it comes. Kindest regard & love to all


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