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Date: March 30th 1918

Mar. 30th 1918

Dear Mother:

While a mail is about due it has not arrive yet so will write you a few lines tonight anyway although I have no news of any account.

I go on duty tomorrow morning having been off three days now most of which I have been in the dugout as it has been the safest place to be. Think I wrote to say the parcel had arrived. It came in good shape on the same day as one from Isabel and since then I received one from Elizabeth so for a few days we had all kinds of Chocolate Cake and things nice but little of it is left now. However it was much enjoyed and all was very good. The cake was fine not too rich but just right and tasty. We have been having something to eat every night and generally have cocoa or coffee and sometimes tea so you may know we fare very well as this is extra to our regular rations.

Elizabeth sent me a fine leather coat and while the weather is almost warm enough to do without it, it is very nice and fine to wear around without a tunic or with a tunic on colder days.

It has been raining the last couple of days a little, but the weather has certainly been great. Violets, Daisies and Dandelions have been in bloom for the last two or three weeks and things are getting green. See some strawberry plants around but am afraid somebody will get the fruit first. Expect you are watching the papers closely the last week or so. It is quite a struggle but so far we have not been affected although it is probable we will be doing something soon. It has been a little more lively around here the last couple of days. You would probably notice the report of the gas attack about a week ago. I imagine it would be rather thick to get through. Think I mentioned in one of my recent letters about leave. At present it is indefinite and will no doubt be delayed a little. It is now about ten days since I received the last Canadian mail so one will probably be here tomorrow.

Will be writing again soon. Hope you are all well. With love to everybody


March 31st 8:30 AM

Our mail came in through the night and out of it a received a long letter from Elizabeth dated March 3rd. No Canadian mail. Am going on duty now. All's well.


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