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Date: March 1st 1917

Kingston March 1st 1917

Dear Mother:

Your letter received Tuesday and I intended writing sooner but have been more or less busy ever since Had a written exam yesterday on Equipment and got along alright. Had one about the first of the week on Use of instruments and did not do so well on it. Also had one yesterday on Horse management and it was easy. Tomorrow we have our Riding exam and also another on Equipment so there will only be about four left to try next week so we should finish up about the end of next week or Saturday the 10th. Will likely stop off a day in Toronto but will drop you a line anyway before leaving here letting you know when I will be home so you can leave out the key. Will likely take the late train from Toronto to Guelph.

Was out tonight with one of the boys in the room to a little party and just got home. It is now about 12 so We have been expecting a night alarm for the last week and think it will be tonight so am writing this now in the hopes it will come while I am dressed. All the Batteries in Kingston 5 in number are to turn out as well as the Batallion here and all of our course.

We are to be armed with Ross Rifles and 100 rounds of Ammunition each and will likely have to march over the river to someplace near Fort Henry. The signal is to be three guns fired. One of the officers who was kicked off the course gave a false alarm last week and got over 30 of the officers out of their beds and down to the barracks. Last night the telephone operator gave a false alarm and woke up about fifty. She was to phone them up when the guns went off and she thought she heard them but it was a mistake. Lucky they did not wake us up. One of the horses in the riding school broke its leg today and it had to be shot. Hope I get a good horse for my Exam tomorrow as it is the only way to make a good showing.

The weather has been milder for the last week so it is a little wet under foot. Was out on a mounted parade this morning. Went to a picture show on Saturday night. It was only fair.

You had better keep the letter you have for me and not send anything more to me here after next Tuesday the 6th March. If anything important you can write it to the girls at Toronto as I will likely see them or at least be speaking to me. I suppose skating will be almost over by the time I get back to Guelph. Have only been skating twice since coming down here. Well this is all at present Alarm has not come yet so I guess I will retire as it is 1 A.M.

Love to all