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Date: June 30th 1918

June 30th 1918

Dear Sister:

Think it is quite a while since I last wrote you so will send you a few lines. Doubtless you will see a letter I wrote Mother the day before yesterday which will give all the recent news. Find May 25th was about the last letter to you which is longer than I thought.

Today has been a fine warm day and I spent it out in the sun. Was at a short service held by the Minister this morning. It was right at one of the guns and he spent a few minutes with each crew about the only way it can be done here. You would see by the letter I wrote a couple of days ago the paper has not much interest without the cards. The picture was taken within a stones throw of my happy home, then, and one of the cards was before. Let me know if you find them or not. Received a letter from Maude Cooke giving me all the news as she had been to Fergus and Guelph. Your letter with one of the numbers wrong arrived O.K. Note some of the nurses were in insolation but apparently you have escaped so far. Life does get a little monotonous sometimes. If we could get a week or so in civilization once in a while, it would be alright. As you know was out of the line for almost three weeks which was appreciatted although I did not see much except a little country. Apparently leave is to open soon and my turn may be here in about three months depending on things that may happen of course. Apparently you will not be on the military Hospital for some time and anyway, if I were you I would stay where you are as prospect would be much better. Note you are leaving X-ray work which is valuable as doubtless few get much of a chance at it. So Winnie Shortreed has graduated. Suppose she will be getting married now. Have you heard where Will is now? Received the snap you sent. It is not extra good but shows your new uniform well and I recognize the fence around at your entrance. Have not heard from Elizabeth for a week or so, when she was busy helping on the ranch. Expect to hear soon now show has passed her Exam. Expect she will not be satisfied until she gets O'Seas although I hope she will call around by home first. I am writing this laying in the grass. There are many planes overhead but they are so high, cannot see them. All ours too as we control the air these days.

Expect you will be at camp now and will get this about the time you return to Toronto. You had a good trip to Hamilton although short. Have answered your letters of May 10th and 23rd and also June 6th. Three to one, but hardly fair. However you would not care to have the same news twice. Trust your holidays are all enjoyed and you have good weather. Keep the boat at mooring and make use of it. Imagine it will have a quiet time this season.

With love, as always

Your brother

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