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Date: July 26th 1918
Mother and all

July 26th 1918 11:30PM

Dear Mother and all at home:

Was pleased to received your letter and also Evelyns dated June 30th and to get the news. It came today and tonight I received the parcel you sent. So far have not sampled it but have no doubt of the result. Sorry to say the preserved Raspberries were broken and all over the parcel. Would be able to eat them as it is only they are full of small pieces of the glass. Do not know where it broke although I imagine it was recently as they still taste fresh. Many thanks for the parcel all the same. I am on duty today and all night being on every other day now as two of us do it between us. Have had a busy day shooting up a couple of targets and also have another job to do before morning so I will not get much sleep. The last few days it has been raining almost every day with a shower every few hours. However it soon dries up and I am seldom put in it unless I am going some place. Also received a letter from Elizabeth yesterday and she gave me the news from her part of the country. She is having quite a time roaming around the ranch although she is anxious waiting for word from the Red Cross. Heard today my papers were returned for some reason, so I will see them tomorrow and see if there is a way around the difficulty and send them in again. It is very hard to get through for anything these days as they have so many applications and lately there is a ruling that you must be a Corporal or specially qualified. However I will still try and see what can be done and let you know. This is why I do not want it mentioned until I know something definite. Yesterday was going to see the Dickson boy who was in 64th but he is up pretty close so did not care to risk it looking him up. It isn't always healthy. Will try and see him one of these days as he is not far away. I have been on duty with our Major lately and get along alright. Yesterday was reading the Canadian Daily Record and saw the name of a chap I used to exchange Postals with about 15 years ago. Enclose the clipping. Also enclose a couple of Edmn. clippings. Frank Shortreed is, I think, a distant cousin or probably Andrew Shortreed's son, I am not sure. He was wounded about a year ago and is now getting a Military Medal. I guess Will has a good job now and will not come across again.

Sorry to be asking so much for things. When I ask, we cannot get them, and before they come, we are able to get them. Milk is again procurable so you needn't bother about it any more. Do very little cooking these days as we have not the convenient quarters and besides that we are separated more now. Would suggest that you do not send glass jars, although it is quite possible four times out of five they will come alright. Will leave it for you to decide. So you registered too. Wait until they call for you to work. Do not see what good it does, but I suppose they will have everybody this time. I am sure you would be busy when you were alone and there would be a lot of extra work getting things in shape for the visitors. Think you had better keep my little, big sister a little longer than usual so she can regain some of that lost weight.

It is quite advisable to get a good supply of wood for the coming winter as it look as though coal will be scarce. Notice they are going to increase the output of the Alberta mines so that the difference can be kept in the East. As dates are expensive these days you need not send any. We have been getting a supply of them in our rations for rice pudding. I sometimes get a handful from the cook. Did not get any canned beans at all last winter but the last couple of months we have had them for breakfast almost every other day. They are the baked kind with Pork and are very good. Do not bother with the Eggs. Can buy them here at reasonable prices now so it isn't worth the risk. The hens are laying a lot better now so I guess they like their home alright.

I still like the work as it is interesting and you know what is going on. At the same time it is as good a job as there is in the battery and you are generally in a good place unless you are observing forward when sometimes it is not so good.

Notice you mention about me getting leave for a month. No chance of that. It lasts for just ten days and I will be lucky if I get that this year as it is not moving swift.

What is Will going to do for holidays this year? He should have a couple of weeks off anyway. I trust you are all having a good time these days and making good use of the boat and the water. It is now 12:30 so I think I will conclude for this time.

With love to all

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