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Date: October 31st 1918
William McLellan

East Sandling

Dear Folks:

Just a note tonight to let you know that tings are still going strong. I got a letter from Jay yesterday - the first one to come direct. I'm looking for some more any day now. I'm afraid I've missed quite a few Aug. & Sept letters but the parcels all found me didn't they?

Golly I feel cheap about the money proposition. I hadn't any idea it cost so much to send it and I'm sure I didn't have half enough to my credity there to cover it all. For the love of Mike don't send any more. I've cut out the assigned pay so it won't be coming in any more. either. We got aid today - the first time in five weeks but I was jake anyway. I have lots to carry on with now & won't need any more until Xmas & I'll do my best to save up enough for my leave then. I'm awfully sorry I had the other cabeled. You could have sent it by drat thru' the Bank of Montreal for very little couldn't you? Well its done now anyway but I feel awfully sore at myself.

Its been raining quite a bit lately so things have been pretty dead. Haven't had any more news of the fellows except that Brownie is wounded. He is over here somewhere but I haven't got him located yet.

This is all tonight.

Love to Everybody - I hope you aren't living on "Bully & hard tack" as a result of my financial flounders.

More later. Bill