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Date: November 22nd 1918
William McLellan

East Sandling

Dear Folks:

Well I'm still here and haven't anything more definite to tell you than when I wrote last. All leave is topped and everything is at a stand still - awaiting the decision from the Air Ministry. Its almost sure to be either a case of us being sent back to the reserve or else be demobilized in this country. Perhaps by the first of the week I'll have something definite to tell you.

Another Canadian mail in today - three from home and one from Marg the day before yesterday. Was mighty glad to get ‘em. It puts a new aspect on things when a Canadian mail arrives. Marg's letter contained a $5 bill and with the 2 spot in Flora's I took the night off & went to Folkestone. The order of the evening was simply a feed at Lyons' and to the Theatre afterwards, but it was a night away from camp and I surely enjoyed it.

Celebrations have died down now & things are going about as usual. Last Saturday night was the big final in Hythex and we all went down & joined the procession. It must have been a mile long & had the whole town in with torches etc. A bunch of Canucks had a Fritz flare shooter with a bunch of flares & were certainly using them. We finally ended up on a big green & there they had a big pile of branches & wood. On top they had a scaffold built & had the "Kaiser" hung there. He even had a Fritz uniform on. The Mayor of Hythe se it on fire & everybody dance around like a bunch of Mohawks. Its absolutely the fist time the people in this country ever had an outburst like that. They haven't the faintest idea how to celebrate but they followed the lead of the Canucks & Americans who were there.

This is all tonight. Many thanks for the cash - I had a good night with it - is that OK?

Love to everybody


P.S. Wonder if I can make it home for Xmas! Hardly likely - but if I do - oh boy!