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Date: November 11th 1918
William McLellan

East Sandling
Nov. 11-18

Dear Marg:

Your letter of the 11th came this morning - the first for ages. I was surely glad to get it. I looked for a snap of Mary Graham tho' - I haven't had one of her yet. Promise me one of the first you get will you?

I wrote home yesterday enclosing a post card snap of the wing on parade. You won't be able to distinguish me I guess but it gives you and idea of the place.

Its raining toda y - Sunday - so everybody is either sleeping or writing letters. It always seems to rain on Sundays in this country. I would appreciate about six feet of good Alberta snow now and some forty below weather. The natives around here can't understand why we should prefer it to this country where al it does is rain. Never mind if the war news keeps improving we will all be back before long - but it dosen't pay to plan on the future - I've found that out.

Yes, I'm lucky to be over here just now. The old Canadian Cops has certainly seen action since I left. About all the fellows I knew over there have been in the casualities one way or the other. Out of our old Scout Section of 28 there are only seven left - and Swinny is one of them. Haven' heard from him yet but I suppose he's been to busy with Fritz to think of letters. I can imagine how much time & convenience they have to write letters

We write out final exams here next Saturday and it will only be a week or so after that until we will go to the School of Aernautics and I will welcome the change for this camp isn't very exciting. It wasn't so bad until they put the theatres out of bounds on account of "flu". but now there isn't very much use even going to Folkestone - unless its to walk along the promenade and look at the channel. You soon get fed up with that too.

So Ira is married eh! Well I'm glad in a way - The last letter I had from home was Oct 6 and they didn't have wind of it then. I'm mighty curious to find out who she is now. Fred Fansher is taking a bride home too - altho I haven't heard it from home. She was evidently his nurse in hospital - I wish him luck but she must have been the exception that proves the rule for the majority of girls in this country. I think the ones around here are kept for a sort of Coast defense schme.

Well news is pretty scarse just now, Sis. I'll not wait so long in writing next time. Give my best to Wy, Mac & Billy - and to Mary too if she'll have any. You have to be careful sending your love to a girl you haven't met you know.

Write me when you can Marg - your letters are a regular tonic.

Lotsof Love

Your Brother Bill

"B" Flight
702 Squadron
No 1. RAF Cadet Wing
East Sandling
Kent Eng