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Date: 1918
William McLellan

Dear Folks:

Well it isn't very often I write letters up the line - for usually its impossible but we are better off this time so here goes.

I told you I was an observer didn't I? Well its certainly an improvement on the Coy work - and there are a great bunch of fellows in the Section. You see teh Scouts, Snipers and Observers all go under the title of Scout Section and we are usually all together. Geo McPherson - you remember me speaking of him - is a sniper & I know most of the other fellows. I like the work fine for its not the same old monotonous stuff every day but we always see something new and a fellow has a little chance to use a little judgement of his own. In the Coy you are simply No. 7 of the rear rank and except when we go over the top, you simply follow the lines of least resistance. I was thinking of trying to transfer to the R.F.C. but as long as I can stay here I'll willing to be a gravel crusher.

We got our parcels up the line this trip and believe me thats where we do appreciate them. I got one from Jess McCabe - a peach of a cake and some candy. I guess I can find time to write her today. I've never gotten Lee's parcelt yet. I guessits gone West. I got another letter from him this week. When I was at Brigade I missed a parcel - the Coy got it - Woodie has the card & as soon as I see him I'll get it. I was sorry to lose it but I guess they appreciated it, and I was having a pretty jake time at Brigade.

Has a ltter from Mao, Peener & Chief this week. Mao has had another month added to his course which makes it six months now. He must be fed up with it. Chief is hobbling around with the help of crutches now & Peener is OK as usual.

I got the photos last night but haven't opened them yet. I'll send a carload home as soon as I can find some envelopes to fit them. Chief's weren't very good so I'm not expecting much from mine.

Got Air parcels from 4644 York Ave - (is that right?) which were absolutely A 1.

It's snowing today & pretty cold but we have a swell brazier and lots of wood & a warm dug out so why worry. And better still no prospect of working parties etc.

This is all today I guess. Will write again before long.

Lots of Love Bill

P.S. Haven't got any paper for ages. I think they go astray. Put a paper in the parcels once in awhile. I never loose them.