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Date: March 21st 1918
William McLellan

Mar 21

Dear Folks:

Another note to send a couple of cards and let you know that we're still going strong. We're back where we can get ink nowand with the use of the paper you sent I can write something like real letters for a change.

Rec' one of the parcels up the line - the one with the grape nuts in - and the other out here last night. Also a roll of papers - two "Posts" and a "Life" - from Flora. I don't need to say that they were all very much welcome.

Saw Capt Riley not long ago - He's Tom's uncle and is looking after Tom's affairs. There was an awful mix up about it and Capt. Riley came to me about it because I was the only one who seemed to actually know. Between us we got it straightened out. We even got a map location of his grave and I told him all what happened that day so he was pretty satisfied & releaved when he left.

Things are going fine just now. I like the new work better every day. Of course I can't tell you much about it but its great and I'll have some things to tell you later on.

This is all for now. I'll write in a few days when I get rested up.

Love to Everybody & thanks for the parcels. Bill