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Date: January 31st 1918
Wililam McLellan

Jan 31

Dear Folks:

This will be only a note but there are quite a few things I want to let you know about. In one of the parcels I got last week I got a picture of Jay and I don't think I mentioned it for it wasn't on the card but it came OK and you can bet I was glad to get it. Its a peach Jay - the best you've had - don't you think? All the fellows I showed it to claim you look like me but I suppose they had to say that so don't feel down hearted about it. Then I got a five spot in a letter last week that was mighty useful. Every time I get money from home it seems to come just when I'm broke. Many thanks. Say how do I stand in the banks. There can't be much of a balance is there? I only got the one $50 draft. I guest it was the cable so I'm writing to the bank to tell them to return it "tout suite" - that is the one I didn't get. I hope you get it OK. You'll let me know won't you? The pictures I had taken haven't arrived yet but "Hen's" have so mine aught be here soon.

I got two parcels tonight form home but no card. They were sent on Dec. 23 one was a swell fruit cake & nuts and the other a tin of cookies. They sure went fine.

I got a letter from Mildred Prouse the other day and also one from Lee. I'll surely have to get acquainted with those cousins of mine "apres la guerre".

I'm enclosing a card from Marg. I got the box the day before yesterday. Many thanks Marg - I surely get my share of parcels.

A Canadian mail came in the other day and I got seventeen letters. Everybody seemed to take a notion to write during Xmas week - some people I hadn't heard from since I left Canada. Among them was one from Ella Dowling. She is a full fledged nurse in Vancouver Hosp. now. I got the clippings Jay sent & enjoyed them too. I'm sending Peener the announcement of Garvins wedding. Where does Marion come in?

Heb Valeus & Brownie have lost their bomb proofs & are back with us now. Brownie is away on leave but will be back soon. Geo Ferguson was over to see me the other night. He showed me a letter from Mrs. Riley. I'm sending this clipping of Tom home will you put it in my album? I may sort out a bunch of snaps some day too & send them back for safe keeping.

This is all tonight. Love to Everybody.


P.S. Tell Ira that I'll answer his letter the first chance I get.