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Date: January 22nd 1918
William McLellan

Jan 22/18

Dear Folks:

Well here we are again, back at the old stand and altho' it was pulling teeth to come back sill the trip did me worlds of good and I feel like a different fellow altogether now. And I had some luck too for the day I got back to the B'n, they came out of the line for a rest, and I simply "fell-in" and came out to & just now I'm acting in the capacity of Orderly Corporal - my old job of Camp Hughes days, so aught to have a real rest.

Now for the most important item - when I got back to the B'n the first thing I did was go to the P.O. and ask "Shorty" if there was any mail for me - He said yes there's a letter and proceeded to hand out forty-four letters and twenty five parcels - can you imagine it? You can tell by the enclosed cards that over half the parcels were from home folk and the letters run about the same. I can't tell you how I enjoyed and am still enjoying every article in them but you can be I'm living high these days. Then I got a bunch of parcels from people I never expected to send any such as Mrs. Sheppard Jean Lawlor, the U. of A & a dozen or so more. We moved out the next day & you aught to have seen me - I looked like a Xmas tree and believe me it was some load out we only had 8 or 10 miles to go so I made it alright - I wouldn't have left any thing behind if I'd have had to eat it first.

The pullover sweater was absolutely jake and the gloves were a whole lot better than I expected and I have a healthy respect for your judgement to. You see I have short fingers and have to buy "Cadet" gloves - and every pair you sent were cadets. I sure have enough gloves to last the winter & I couldn't have bought better myself. Then Flora & Marg sent a bunch of swell parcels - I got a sweater like the one Flora sent from Etta - It was real good. Then I got cakes, candy cookies etc etc galore and have a regular grocery store yet. You ought to hear the comment from the fellows. I certainly get my share of parcels alright - and the best part is that I don't miss any and everybody else does.

Chief didn't come back from Bilghty. You see he has vericous viens in his legs & he reported it & was put in hospital.

Well I'll call this all for now as I have a bunch of cards to send too.

Many thanks Everybody for the eats & stuff. You don't know how much I appreciate them over here.

Lots of Love Bill