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Date: December 29th 1918
William McLellan

78 Stateford
Dec 29/18

Dear Folks:

Another note today just to let you know I'm still on leave & having a good time. Our leave should have been up yesterday noon but we wired for an extention and it came last night - Its ag ood thing we didn't go back when we should have for we would certainly have looked foolish. That's once it paid to take a chance. We will most likely stay here for the week altho' I may run down to Glasgow for a day or two.

Nothing very exciting has happened since I wrote last - a few shows and a few bus rides out into the country. It would be far nicer if it was summer time. I am perfectly satisfied tho' to get a big chair in front of the fire place & read tho'. It seems to me its about two years since I've even been comfortable and now I'm too lazy to move.

Heard a great rumor from one of the fellows yesterday. HE said all the Cadets from B.C. or Alberta would have a choice of going home via Panama. Wouldn't that be a great trip? It would take a month or so but I would go in a minute if I got the chance.

Got a note from the bank last night saying that the money had been forwarded up from London so I'll get it tomorrow - this is Sunday - This will be absolutely the last I'll send for and I hope it hasn't been too much. Many thanks for it.

Met one of the old U of A boys the other day. "John Wesley Lewis" He was taking engineering there. I think Edna was his sister. He came over with Reg Henry but got a commission in the Royal Engineers (Imperials) He told me that L.S. McDonald was in town somewhere but I haven't seen him yet. HE was one of our famous rugby team.

Wonder if Reg Henry is over yet! Golly I'd like to see him. I've written the Records Office but haven't heard yet.

Swinny has gone back home. His father died last spring so he was sent home about a month ago. I was talking to one of the old Scout Section yesterday who was on leave from France - McHaffey - Charlie Crothers is a Corporal now.

Had a few pictures taken last week but they are poor. Stan & I were taken together. I will send one of the proofs but it may be faded out before it gets there. The rest will not be ready for a fortnight yet.

This is all for now. Excuse the awful scrawl please - I'm trying to write it in a Morris chair.

Love to Everybody & here's hoping I drop in for breakfast some of these fine mornings.


P.S. Heard anything of Peener Burnie or Chief yet? I suppose Peener is in Vancouver.

Love WJM