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Date: December 12th 1918
William McLellan

E. Sandling

Dear Folks:

Its raining this afternoon so our rugby game has been cancelled - we have been doing very little else lately but play rugby. I've caught a place in the Squadron team and English rugby at that and between that & Canadian rugby I've had enough excersise to keep up my appetite.

Two more letters from home this morning. One of them had travelled all over the RAF before it finally found me. It had been opened by some one by mistake but whoever it was he was honest for the $2 bill was still there when I got it. Many thanks Sis - I can sure use it just now too.

Nothing has happened yet here. I tried to get back to the reserve but nothing doing. The O.C. said I would be wise to stay here so I guess I will for awhile any way altho' there isn't any chance of finishing up the course.

Have been getting all kinds of mail lately from the bunch of fellows. who have been hit lately,. They are all in different hospitals al lover England. I'm going to try & see as many as I can on Xmas leave. "Drink" the kid form McLeod - is down here at Shorncliffe with a slight wound on the hand. He was up to see me on Tuesday. He ‘s a great kid & had certainly seen life since I left France. He seems to thrive on it tho for he is only 6'3" now and just 19. He was 5'9" when he inlisted at Ed. Henderson is up in Lanc's with a pretty bad arm. He has lost a few fingers and wis arm will likely be stiff for years .H was quite thankful tho' to be out at all, for he came thru' some tight corners. Swinny is still on the job but is in the Band now so will get out of the line work - still I guess there isn't any line work now. I would like to be in on the march to the Rhine stuff altho' it will be hard work.

The "Flu" has certainly been raising cain hasn't it. I heard the Prof. Edwards had died and also Cara May Bell. The U of A will certainly miss them both. I hope Jay is OK by now. Its a dangerous thing to get from what I've seen of it here.

I'm not sure when I'll get Xmas leave but I think it will be about the 18th of 20th. We get twelve days and I think the service men will get both Xmas and New Years. Spriggie Mac & I are planning on a few days up in Ireland but it costs money to go there and besides I have a dozen other places I want to go to. I'm going to try & get along without sending for any more money. It all depends how much I have coming at the Pay office. In any case don't go to any trouble about it for I'll get along somehow, & you people will be able to us it Xmas time.

So long for now - all kinds of a good time during Xmas - manbe I wouldn't like to be there to help you celebrate but no such luck.

Love to Everybody Bill

B Flight
No 2 Squadron
No 1 RAF Cadet Wing
E. Sandling