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Date: August 30th 1918
William McLellan

Aug 30

Dear Folks:

You would hardly believe it but I'm down at Bramshot now - and on leave at that. I sent a card from London and also an "S.O.S." cable. I hope I didn't ask for too much. I got my leave - 14 days - last Tuesday night and come down here Wednesday P.M. I never told the fellows I was coming & caught Peener in the act of mailing me a letter to France. Burnie was asleep & Chief ou on parade. It was certainly great to see them again - They are certainly the three best pals any fellow ever had. Peener & I went to a dance at Hazelmere last night and had a great time. It was an invitation affair so the crowd wasn't mixed. The best par of it was, they dance all Canadian dances - I'll send my programme.

Well things were certainly happening in France when I left. I came way just after the big Amiens drive. It was some scrap believe me and altogether different from Hill 70, Lens or Passchendaele. Our B'n - the 1st C.M.R.'s - went over the top three times in four days and advanced about 20 miles altogether. The first morning was the worse and we were in the first wave. I can't begin to tell you about it but we were around the Luce River - took the village of Haugard and some woods etc. I collected about a ton of souvenirs but I got fed up packing them around. About all I kept was a Fritz revolver - a swell little Luger automatic - a pair of field glasses and then a bunch of badges, belts and trinkets. I don't know how things went in the Arras scrap. We were warned about going over there the same time as I got my warrent for Blighty - so I was sailing the Channel when the rest of the fellows were talking to Fritz with their hands.

About RAA transfer - I'm not sure yet of getting on for I may fall down on my medical exam but if I get by that - then I take a cadets course at Hastings for about two months - In all it amounts to about six months in old Blighty and that a big inducement. If I fail the medical exam then I'll be sent back here to Bramshot and I think I can get a commission in some other branch of the service. Col McKay is here - our old B'n O.C. - and he will give me a hand. The Col Laws of the 1st CMRs gave a good recommend and said he would accept me back in his B'n as a commissioned officer so I think I'm alright in any case.

Had a card from Reg Henry a few days ago - am going to write to him now. He is OK but seems to be fed up - no wonder. He has been a prisoner of war longer than I've been in France.

I heard that Chuck made Blighty. I am going to hunt him up later on.

I don't know what address I'll be at yet but I'll send it as soon as I do. Until then I guess you can write to the old add. and they will forward it on. I'll know my add. as soon as I report back from leave.

The course is pretty good I guess but I'll be short of money. Could you send my assigned pas as it comes? - providing that I didn't overdrawn when I send the cable. I know what O.T.C.'s are from experience and money is going to be my biggest worry, You see we can only draw half our pay - 55 cents per day and then out of that there's the $6 a month going back there so you see my income isn't so very big. They give as much leave as we want and I'm planning on seeing England if I can scare up the necessary cash.

Peener & the rest are looking fine. Burnie is as fat as a pig and dosen't even drill. He is a gas instructor. I saw Clara May Bill's brother today. He is here in the reserve. Hes's looking as fit as ever.

This is all for now. I hope that cable didn't take your breat away. I'll probably be sending more - if I do I'll make 'em smaller.

Love to Everybody Bill