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Date: April 19th 1918
William McLellan

Apr. 19/18

Dear Folks:

Well I've got some paper now and a chance to write so here goes.

I've got quite a bunch of cards to send too so I can't make much of a story of this.

Things are going OK with us and I'm still in the Scout Section. I suppose you are watching the war news pretty closely these days and doing a lot of wondering - well so are we but we're not worrying at all. I don't think its as bad as it looks. However I can't tell you what I'd like to.

I haven't written lately but didn't have a chance until now. Don't worry if I don't write once or twice a week. I'll send "whizz-bangs" anyway.

Had letters from Peener & Chief. They are both OK. Peener rather expects to be over gain before long. He's had quite a holiday but I guess he will feel it coming back. Thats the worst part of it. It isn't so bad after you're here awhile. Geo McPherson - you've heard me speak of him - is in Blighty. He got a touch of gas - not bad but somehow he made Blighty on it anyway. Had a letter from him a few days ago. Did I tell you Burnie broke his wrist playing baseball?

Well it will soon be strawberry time again, and we aught to get some great feeds. In a couple of months I'll be lookin for leave too. In fact I'm looking already. Could you get a draft over to me by July 1st? Just what I've got coming you know. And say Billy has his first birthday sometime in May hasn't he? Will you take $5 of mine & buy him something? I wrote about it last summer but I guess you never got it.

This is all today.

Love to Everybody and many thanks for the parcels.