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Date: January 13th 1918

Somewhere in France
Sunday, Jan 13th 1918

Dear Mother:

Received a mail today of 5 letters, one being yours of 20th and Evelyn's of 19th so will answer them and let you know how I am getting along. First of all am pleased to say I received the box containing sweater, cap, stove etc etc in the best of shape on the night of Friday Jan 11th and I wish to thank you one and all for the contents which are certainly appreciated and very useful. It was certainly a treat to open all the parcels and the artistic way in which they were all tied up and wrapped added greatly to my appreciation of the contents. As the three of us were together that night we had the can of Soup with crackers and it was certainly fine. Also finished the Candy and the Cookies. The stove is certainly a dandy and will be very useful especially in the warmer days when we will not be needing a fire. It is of course much better than the one I have and also larger. Do not send any more of the heat unless I ask for it. I used my old one to heat some water for shaving this morning. It was the first time and it worked well + fast. Have not tried the sweater yet but will soon have it on. The Cap would have been better single and only half the depth as we have to wear our steel helmets on top of them and the two thicknesses are too much. However have use for it and anyway you would not have time to send another as the cold weather would be past. Last week we got an issue of a leather coat which is leather on the outside and lined with cloth. It has no sleeves but is good to break the wind and to use when working when you cannot wear a greatcoat at and it also saves the tunic from mud and wear. Have been on duty regularly during the past week. Yesterday noon we were releived by another battery and marched about six miles to a camp where we will likely be for about three weeks doing training and brushing up a little. Are billeted in oval huts and last night it was cold as we had no fire. However that will be remedied. On the way we came past places that had at one time been battlefields and also places where our battery had been located previously. Saw the famous Vimy Ridge and it has now become more or less levelled out again although trenches and large mine craters can still be seen as the chalk shows up plainly. We are now out of reach of most of the guns although this place had been shelled heavily before we advanced. Brought all our kits with us and everything we had room for but had to leave some things we had acquired and trust to their still being there upon our return. Will now try and answer your letter of Dec 20th. In regard to the things you have sent they are all OK. The Sodas probably take up a lot of room but still we appreciate them. They have some similar ones here but so far have not tried them. We can get several different kinds of biscuits, sweet and otherwise done up in 4, 10, 20 ct packets wrapped in paper. The cake in the last box was very good also the Cookies, Dates, Raisins, Figs, Chocolate are the most appreciated and a tin of Soup. You might also send ½ lb of butter in a glass jar. It would come all right and would be a change to Margarine. Boxes will come quicker now since the Xmas rush is over. The Coffee is also good. Have been using the same brand on recent occassions. Note you have my watch. Broke the crystal on my wrist watch but will get it repaired as soon as possible as I miss it very much.

Regarding the $35.00 I guess you are right although you would have received this money in January but probably you did not deposit it then. I also remember giving you $50.00 when you went to Toronto but it along with $50.00 I paid Father made $100.00 I paid against my note to him. Pleased to hear Smith of Edm is sending more money. Hope he keeps up. Thanks for the sox for Smyth. Received card from him today. He is still there. Will remember the tip about a former letter contained in Evelyns. Note Uncle Will is still up in arms against me but after all in my last letter will not make any further confessions. Expect Stanley Hewitson will be joining the Battery if they have room. Think I acknowledged the papers. Received a bundle a couple of weeks ago. Also read with interest the papers in the boxes. Have still 3 Xmas boxes to come so my Christmas is not yet over. Anyway it is better to have them spread out a little. Think you had better send my letters to Eliz and she can return them. Wrote her one last week. It is hard to write interesting news and write so many letters.

Hope you are well and with love to all from

Your son

Let Isabel see this letter as three places will interest her.


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