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Date: January 11th 1919

Mehlem Jan 11th 1919

Dear Sister

I wrote a letter home on the 4th & I expect you will see it. Have not written you for some time as I have had so many letters to write and thought you would get the news from my letters home anyway. The last week has been quiet. I spent 24hrs on guard and yesterday spent the day in Cologne. It is quite a lively place with plenty of stores, cafes etc. but not much interest to us as we buy little and anything we do want the prices are too high. Had a dinner in a café and a poor one for 9 marks which at the value of German money is equal to about $1,00. The stores seem to be filled with plenty of stock but of course prices are high. Eatables are the hardest to get and cost a lot. We are lucky to have a YMCA in our village with a good stock and lately they have had apples oranges, Maple sugar chocolate, biscuits, canned fruit etc and we buy as long as our money lasts, and I guess that is about all that is good for us. However it is about the only pleasure we have.

Have had no rain the last week for a change and the weather has been very good. So far have not worn our greatcoats but we are liable for snow and cold weather yet. We are lucky to have electric cars into Bonn (100,000) about 6 miles. Also from there to Cologne (500,000) about 15 miles further. Also soldiers ride without charge which is a consideration.

It is Sunday morning now, as I did not get this finished yesterday. Am going to church by our Padre at 11 o'clock in the Y.M.C.A. Hall.

It is about three weeks now since I have heard from home. The last letter was dated Dec. 3rd.

I guess they would be busy Fair Week so there will likely be a letter along soon now.

Know nothing definite about our return. While we hope it may be soon, there is a possibility it may be a few months. However, we have little to do and really have no cause to complain except the general wish is to get settled again in civil life as soon as possible. The Batteries are starting classes of study in almost anything wanted such as Arithmetic, Algebra, Shorthand Mechanics, Languages etc. Think I will take up French anyway and probably brush up on some other subject.

The Y have concerts occasionally and also morning pictures, but they are not particularly good. Correspondence with Eliz is much delayed, taking about two weeks and more for a letter to go. She has little news of interest as it is a very quiet spot she is in and I imagine a lonely place. Would like to see her again while over here if I can get away, but it is doubtful. May be able to get leave in England if we go there.

Think this is about all the news at present. It is quiet around here and little to report.

With love, your brother

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