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Date: February 13th 1918

Somewhere in France
Feb 13th 1918

My Dear Sister:

Your letter of Nov 20th which had been delayed on account of being addressed to 12th Battery reached me Feb 7th and yesterday I received your letter of Jan 17th so will answer them both tonight. A Canadian mail has just arrived so yesterday I received 5 letters and today 4 not too bad, but they always come in bunches. In a letter from home they mention not hearing from me for two weeks but the mails must have been delayed as I have been writing fairly regularly. I note the address on Willcocks St. and will try and use it. No, our move was not very far about half a century, I would say and it was only part of the plan as moves are quite a common thing out here and something that is not to be made known if possible. Expect and hope to remain here for some time as we are fairly comfortable and have things well fixed up. We have a Barber, shoemaker, Canteen where we can buy almost anything we receive a large reading room with a phonograph & records and tables with cards, games and checkers so when we are off duty we can always amuse ourselves in some way. It has been very quiet here so far compared to what we had but of course we never know. Have had several letters from Elizabeth but none since the last of Dec. No doubt the Dr. would be looking well as they live well and do not work hard except at times as there are quite a number of them to do the work. I am about the same in weight but have not been weighed since I was in England as scales are not plentiful near us. Have seen several around here but they have all been damaged. Yes our dugouts are fairly safe from most shells and we run the chance of a big one or getting a direct hit. Have plenty of brick and earth piled on top of it and also ruined walls which will help to break the explosion of a shell. Yes you have been having cold weather and also a coal shortage but apparently they are getting it to go around.

Do not think I received the letter you wrote before going for the cutter ride and likely it will be along soon.

Note Bob was to be up before a Tribunal and I guess he will know his fate by now. They are getting after quite a number and apparently they will be over here soon. A large number from our unit are going to take out commissions mostly in the Flying Corps but I do not think it would suit me, anyway think I am over the age limit. After I am out here another six months and if the war is not over I might try for something.

My last letter home was on Feb 5th so please send this one on after reading. I sent you a field card on Feb 8th.

The weather has continued to be mild without being down even to Freezing and we have had a little rain the last couple of days.

I got a box today from Koch at Gibsons that had been on the road for some time and was a little damaged. It had also been soaked in kerosene but the oil did not have a chance to penetrate or the contents would have been spoiled as it was mostly chocolate. Marshall also got one yesterday so with some fruit and biscuits bought at the Y we are living well. We certainly get good meals considering and a good supply of white bread, probably better than what you eat in Canada. Marshall is now the Battery Medical Orderly and looks after dispensing of pills etc. Of course if anyone is sick or injured they go to the dressing station which is only a minutes walk.

They seems to be good cloth Father is getting in his suit and he is quite sporty and a war on too. Someday I will be selecting a suit that will not be khaki. Am quite at home in uniform now and forgot I ever wore anything else.

Well this is about all my news for this time. Hope you are well and have coal enough to keep you warm. Love to all at home and yourself from your brother


Received Evelyns letter of Jan 13th and Margaret Shortreeds of Jan 6th today.

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