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Date: December 9th 1917

Highwood Montana
Dec 9th, 1917

Dear Isabel,

Read your welcome letter yesterday, I do not yet know what money to expect but there is a registered parcel awaiting me at the post office in town which I expect to get when we are on our way to Great Falls this week. Did Mckenzies' patient die? I wonder if Locke will get the chance of Miss Northgraves position. Mrs McCrae will probably be a lesson to her. There are lots of unmarried men out there but not the right kind haven't seen anything to get stuck on yet.

Uncle Jim has just come in from the lower ranch five miles away and has brought three calves about 2 or 3 days old with him, imagine 6" of snow and 8� below zero, you would wonder how the calves would live, he will put them in the sheds here for a while, the calves seem quite frisky nevertheless.

To-day Aunt Belle was sending for some things by catalogue so I'm sending for a Khaki riding shirt & a flannel (mans) shirt so will be properly attired when it is warm enough to ride again.

Was glad to hear about Rob as I was wondering if he were parcipitating in these big fights. Also do Mckenzie & Locke hit it off these days? It would certainly be nice for you and Agnes to take a trip out, and you couldn't get a better place to stay, I'm sure it will even be prettier in the Spring. Aunt Belle was saying I must learn to run the car it is the best make of car they have out here. I can tell you better about the work, after I've had a try at it.

There is no hired help here at the present, they will likely get another man soon though, he doesn't come into the house except for meals, he sleeps in the bunk house which is a cottage something like the one at camp.

I ride horse back down for the mail by myself, the mail box is about a mile from here. There were ten cowboys here over night it was great to see them ride they told all kinds jokes they play on new comers here, you will be initiated when you come. This is all the news at the present. You might tell me Locke's address when you write again.

With love