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Date: August 4th 1918

Sunday Aug 4th 1918

Dear Mother:

Came off duty this morning so will write you a letter while I have the time. My last letter was dated July 20th and mailed in green envelope and I did not know it was so long ago as time has been passing quickly. Another Canadian mail is now due and it may come in tonight. Have been on duty every other day so generally sleep part of the day. I am off if I do not get much when on duty. We have had a lot of wet weather lately. Raining almost every day. A couple of days were also very hot. On one of them I walked about ten miles and visited a few boys I knew among them Foote from Fergus. Passed through a city which has suffered quite a little but is in really good shape. It is practically deserted and very quiet. The main roads are hard to walk on as they are made of cobblestone and also you feel it when it is warm. They are usually lined with tall trees on both sides but now they are mostly or all destroyed by shellfire.

Have very good billets where I am and as they are above ground they are fairly dry. Where I am on duty is quite a walk and I go back & forwards but it is worth it as it is a quieter place here. It was lively for a few minutes last night and a couple of close shaves but a miss is as good as a mile almost. These things do not occur often so it is alright. Do not see much of Marshall these days as he stays at another place I sometimes call around. It is on the same work as I am.

Saw a couple of enemy planes brought down recently and it is quite a sight to see them fall. Saw one perform some stunts a couple of days ago and the things they can do are wonderful. He appeared to fly upside down for some seconds and could roll over a couple of times and then gain control. Also dive straight for the ground nose first and when a short distance from the earth flatten out and speed away. It is certainly wonderful the things they can now do, and it must require steady nerves.

The letter you sent was in good shape and appreciatted. Also the vinegar was very good and a treat as I have not tasted any for some time.

Mailed you a box a couple of weeks ago and you will probably have it by this time. Do not think you will have any trouble with duty but if they ask you can tell them it is a gift from soldier and there should not be anything to pay. Let me know when it arrives. Will write later and describe the contents outside of my watch & fountain pen.

Foote was telling me he saw Creelman lately. He is a Sergt. and is still at the farm work back of the line and certainly a nice job for the summer. He has seen very little of the fighting yet except for a short time last fall. Of course he has relatives who can help a little. Today is the start of the 5th year of war and it is to be hoped the last year. I called to see Shaw the other day but he was too far away to go and see. He was near Foote and often saw one another. Shaw is also doing the same work I am.

Think this is about all the news today. Hope to get a letter tonight.

Love to all

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