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Date: April 22nd 1918

Apr 22nd 1918

My Dear Sister:

Pleased to receive your letter of March 24th in the last Canadian mail and to get all the names. Have not had a letter since one dated March 9th from Guelph so if they have written it must have gone astray. Your visit to Guelph was a short one but I have no doubt it would be worth while as it is not very often you can get away. Expect the electric is a nice car to take although it is a little longer on the way. Have written Eliz a letter and did not forget to remind her that she must be living well to be able to gain in weight. Had a letter from her about a week ago telling me the news out there and her desire to join the American Red Cross. Will not be surprised at any time to hear that either or both of you are on the way across.

Expect you will all be at Kearney again as usual and enjoying the scenery there. You want to get Father busy at the boat as soon as he gets there so he will have confidence to run it anywhere. Might as well make use of it as not. Yes those strawberries do sound nice. I have not tasted real Strawberries since about 1911, as the ones we used to get in the West were not at all fresh although they were a fair sample. See a few plants around here but do not know whether there will be any fruit or not or who will get it if there is.

Expect Roy along with others will be called up now under the new regulations. They are apparently going to do something definite now and I think they should rather than play with things.

Have finished reading the Major and thought it very good. It is a Canadian story all through and being mostly staged in Alberta was all the more interesting. Have been passing it around and I suppose most of the battery will read it before we it is worn out.

We have been having cooler weather the last two or three weeks and a sprinkle of snow a few days ago. It has been quiet around us so far although changes have taken place on both sides of us. Do not know what will be next but we are on the lookout anyway. The days are much longer now and when warm they are enjoyed. A baseball game was in progress near us yesterday which might easily have stopped by a shell had Fritz taken the notion. Also saw a nice cinder tennis court closer up and was almost tempted to have a game. It was camouflaged from view of hostile aeroplanes by sticks, links etc. That is the way it goes.

Well news here is scarce and it is not long since my last letter so will close for present.


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