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Date: April 2nd 1919

Witley Camp
April 2nd 1919

Dear Mother:

Well I am once more in England and glad to be here, and to feel that much nearer to getting to Canada anyway.

I wrote you last on March 29th and that day we got numbers for embarkation. That evening heard a London Concert Party in the Camp and it was very good. It turned out to be quite a chilly night compared to what we had been having in Belgium. On the 30th (Sunday) we stopped around camp, as we did not know when we would be leaving. The word did not come until 8P.M. and we paraded and left camp about 9PM for the docks about 5 miles away, where we boarded the boat and left France about midnight. It was not rough but a little more and I would have been sick. It turned out we were to disembark at Weymouth instead of Southampton. Reached there about 6-30AM and left the boat about 9A.M. Had a lunch in the canteen and got another to eat on the train and left there about 10AM passing through Southampton, and reached the station near the camp about 4PM when we got another lunch from the YMCA and marched to camp which was about 3 miles where we had supper and were placed in huts. Did very little yesterday except have roll calls and this morning filled in some cards of which will be many to complete before we sail. Will also have medical & Dental inspections, as well as clothing parades etc so that we will have everything before we sail. It will likely be about ten days anyway before we get leave and it is hard to say whether we will sail this month or not. Anyway it will not be so bad, as it will not be very long.

It is nice to be among English speaking people again and you hardly realize where you are.

Have had no mail since leaving Belgium. It will hardly be advisable to write me any more over here after you receive this. Hope anyway that I will not be here then. Enclose a little poem on the camp which is rather amusing.

Trust you are all well and with love to all

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