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Date: October 11th 1943
Evelyn Serrick
Daniel Serrick

Dear Sis:

I guess it's about time for me to write to you - it won't be much because at present my time is rather limited; as you probably suspect we are about to leave this station so there is a considerable
amount of confusion around here - and I might add theres plenty of work so you have only a class "B" priority on my time.

I think I can at this stage say that I had a darn good time on my last leave I'll admit that it was rather quiet and tame but that's what I liked about it; my only regret is that I wasn't able to spend more time with you; I like your company (such as it is). In view of forthcoming
events its pretty hard to say when I'm likely to see you all again, however we,have to be patient.

By the way when you take some of those pictures you were talking
about you can pick out a couple of the best ones and send them to me for
my approval, of course I will return them after I've seen them - the reason I want you to send a couple is because I don't want too much responsibility & bulk on my person when travelling. I told you that story before so we won't go into it any further.

I am going to the Post Theatre to night with Jerry - It's his turn to pay so with that point in mind I'll probably enjoy it; as yet we don't know what's showing. I hope it's a good one. By the way Jerry has asked me to send his second best love to you - do you feel flattered; you should.

How are you making out in your affair with Jack, please don't get the
idea that I'm being nosey or trying to spoil your fun - That Ape is not your type. "When you cool down,put the pieces of this page in the waste basket."

Well Sis I am finishing this letter off now - theres lots more that
I could write about, but as I said before time is limited so I'll save
it for a later date!

All the Best
Love Dan

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Original Scans