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Date: November 21st 1918

Seaford 21/11/18

My Dear Nellie:-

Many thanks for your letter of late October and also for [the] small parcel which you sent to me addressed to the 22nd General Hospital at Camierrs. It was in rather a dilapidated condition but the contents were all there. The mail always seems to get mixed up around the Depot and things are even now worse than usual for the staff at the P. O. has just been replaced with fellows just over from Canada. Tonight we said goodby to a bunch of the boys who leave tomorrow for "Home". They are the "B" men. I do not know how soon the "A" men will start moving but I do not think it will be before the beginning of the New Year. Things are going as usual. Most of the Casualties are on Draft for France and quite a few went away on Leave tonight. Mac is warned but I think he will not go as they want him around to play basket-ball. We had our first game Wednesday when we trimmed the Engineers O. T. C. 30 - 10. Even with his bum foot Mac scored ten baskets and I got the other five [?].

How is life going? I am glad you like Mount Forrest.

With best wishes



No. 8 Co.

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