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Date: November 12th 1918

My Dear Mother:-

The remarkable and long-looked for day has at last arrived and the happenings of the past week are beyond my power of description. How much has happened since on the morning of August 8th we were awakened out of our doze in that motor lorry as the big guns belched forth the first rounds of the barrage for the Amiens affairs. How little we thought that in less than four months the victory would be won. It is hard to realize that it is all over and for me over here the truth will [not] be fully appreciated until we reach home. But war is no more - in our time at least and we can once more "move and live and have our being" - in short be human.

When the news came in, just at the noon hour, the shouting was deafening, the bells all started to ring, the big guns at New Haven were fired, the Regimental Band soon were all out and many a tired soldier laddie with a new look in his eye, said "Thank God. No more d--- soldiering for me" The papers tell of the celebrations in London. It must have been wonderful. Mac and I went down to Seaford in the evening and though it is an eternally dead place there was lots of excitement and shouting, kids with tin bands, groups of wild soldiers, etc. etc. We can only imagine how Canada celebrated the occasion. I know how relieved you will be for now we can both look forward. How happy so many mothers will be.

How soon we will get home is a question. If I [am] back by June next I will be satisfied. Many stories are around as to what will be done now but the Training will likely be altered somewhat. I must get started on some regular work at the Khaki College right away.

The weather has been better lately, less rain altho' it is getting chilly. We have been busy around the Orderly Room for two large drafts have left for France and quite a number are coming in from other units

Haven't had any mail for several days now. I got a parcel of cigarettes from Nellie a few days ago. Haven't heard from Andy MacGill for some time now. A few days ago I met a number of Creelman boys who came overseas a few months ago.

With best wishes,

Yours FC

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