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Date: November 11th 1918


My Dear Nellie:-

I was very surprised to receive your letter yesterday for it was the first epistle that I had received for days. When we are not cursing the weather, the place or things in general, we all take a spell at the Mail Officials around here for they seem to be expert at getting your mail mixed up.

Things are going as usual around this inferno and the fact that the war has ceased has not affected us very much. Already the first crew are getting prepared to sail for home. About 200 B category men leave in a few days. Three of the O. R. staff are away, the lucky lads and I can assure you that we are mighty busy these days. All the casualties from France are being shipped back. Mac is on draft and is terribly sore for he was a B2 man and had himself raised so as to qualify for a Commission. I am not going back on this draft as there is so much to do around the office. Am taking life rather easy.

How did you celebrate in Canada? They were quiet here altho' there was sure a great "do" in the "smoke". and over at Brighton. We cannot get leave now and the fellows are getting darn sore.

Well, don't work too hard.

Will write more again.


F. C. C.