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Date: July 4th 1943

July 4/43

Dear Mother:-

I got a letter yesterday as you may receive this before you get the letter. My letters seem to be awfully slow going you could have received a couple by now and by the way I am living up to my promise of writing you at least once a month. So far I have written once a week and sometimes twice just depending on when I get a airmail form. I wrote dad a letter to so [?] he has received it by now. I sure hope the parcel arrives pretty soon as I am practically starved for candy and real cake. I really don't know what to say in this letter as I can't tell you anything about what I am doing or anything like that. All I can tell you in that I am enjoying myself and working pretty hard a lot harder than I ever did in Canada. It is a real interesting course but I don't do any flying which makes it kind of monotonous, Jim Donaldson isn't here with me as he has gone on ahead so there is only a few of my old [?] from Panlain with me and we really have a good time every weekend and when we get some money. Thank God payday is every two week. But from now on I am going to save a little so when I get my next Leave Melville and me can have a real good time in Scotland. I got in the letter from Lori to-day it too I have received in as many days which I think is pretty good for him A couple of the fellows in his troop had a accident and one fellow that I met when I was there got hurt quite seriously. He went through the iron gate on Windsor Castle and pretty nearly broke his neck. He is now in the mental hospital so I guess he is a little of his rocker now. Mel has been Corporal of the guard for the last two weeks so he has been having quite a soft time. Well I guess that's about all the room I have so I will close for now. All the best.

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