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Date: January 14th 1944


Dear Mother:-

I just got back form a very quiet 48 hour pass. If I hadn't been so worn out I probably would have been [?] stiff but as it was I really enjoyed the chance to lounge around in front of a fire. Our Concierge is a Scotsman so he invited me home as I didn't have any place to go. He lives in a place called Judburg in Scotland and it took us from half-past one to 9.30 in the morning to get there. I have never seen a quieter place other than Craik since I have been over here. It is built down in a valley and is really very beautiful and quiet. The people all spoke real broad Scotch and at first I couldn't make out just what they were saying. But I soon could make out what he older people said but Jock's little brother had me completely buffaloed. It sure did seem funny to hear a little kid speak so funny and did he ever laugh at me when I couldn't understand him. He is just about Victors age and about as rowdy to I would say. I really had a very good time and they are really very nice people. I even had a typical Scotch dinner with porridge and all. I didn't know what to make of the porridge but I ate it anyways so as not to displease them.
The girls were god-awful looking creatures though and as I was the only Canadian around I sure…

[missing page 3]

writing girls as they all seem to have forgotten or married someone else. Luckyme. I hope that you have received those pictures that I sent you and I will send a picture of the crew along soon. How has the hockey teem been making out, I sure hope that they beat Jim [?]'s team. What is Mr. Fraser on [?] bat for this time and where is he getting all the booze to get drunk on. Delbert had better watch his step or first thing he knows he will be viewing letters like Cecil does. I hope Cecil didn't get in the navy but I suppose he did so you will have a smaller family than ever now.
What are you going to do with yourself now with not so many people to look after. Do you remember little Smithian the English guy I used to go around with well he finally went off and got married. I really feel sorry for his poor wife having to put up with his table manners and all his [?]. Bluch has done about 10 trips, three of them to Berlin so he is getting way ahead of Austman & I but it suits me fine as I am not keen anymore. Well I fellow just offered to post this for me so maybe I had better close.


P.S. Come on Dad where is that letter?......

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