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Date: December 21st 1943
Mother and all


Dear Mother & all:-

Well only 13 days to go now and it will be here again and there isn't any snow here as yet. They don't even sing Christmas carols over here it seems. What a dead country this is. You should just see some of things the kids are going to get for christmas. They sure are very poor this year but there is just as many people out shopping I went to Lords on Saturday afternoon to get my laundry and you cold hardly walk about and it was impossible to get into a Restaurant for anything to eat.
Mel finally came to see me but I am afraid that I didn't show him a very good time. He would come just before payday. I managed to get a 48 so I showed him the good and pad places of Felds. I'm afraid though that we visited the worst places. He stayed out at the camp for a day and he met all my crew. We were going to take him up for a trip but flying was washed out so we didn't make it. He wanted to go up with us but we just didn't have a chance. We had quite a time the last night of his leave. We met a Bert Bekins from [?] St. and one of the Campbell twins and also a fellow from the Chw. Salis so we had sort of a reunion party. They sure did get mad at us in that pub before we left. Melville of course got into a fight with a guy who was just about twice his size and of course got the worst part of the deal. I came back on an early train so I hope that he got back to the hotel okay. I wrote him a letter as soon as I got back so I would hear from him as soon as he got time to write. I also hear from Glenn and by his letter I would say that he is going to the Middle East. I dint' get my posting out there either which I am really sorry. Austman finally got up enough energy to write me a letter. He was in quite a bad crash and has been in the hospital for over a month now but he will be out soon and maybe he can come and visit one to. I won't get any Xmas leave from this place but as soon as I get to a Squadron I will get 10 days then so I shall probably visit Mel if he is still here. Say the old man is getting right along isn't he soon he will be talking about retiring or something (that'll be the day). I received a parcel from Aunt Margie today and at present we are busy having a hot chocolate and soup so please excuse the stains on this letter.
My friend Jack [?] is posted here so we will be to-gether again for a short spell as I won't be here much longer. Well I have run out of chatter for now so I will buzz off to bed.

Your Loving Son


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