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Date: August 7th 1943

Aug 7/43

Dear Mother:-
I am sorry to hear that you have received no letter from me for quite sometime and I hope that his reaches you safely. I was stationed in the Ockeys for awhile but now I am down in England again at [?] My leave was cancelled at the last moment so Mel and me weren't able to get to-gether. I received Dad's letter and he's drinking a bottle of beer on me I don't think that I will speak to him again. I have received no word from Mem other than a telegram asking for 5 $ which by the way is going to leave me a little short for the next month or so. If you will wire me 5 $ after you receive this letter it will put um on my feet again. I don't know what Mel wanted the money for but the telegram was marked urgent so I guess he needed it for something important. We didn't get split up yet but expect to be split up pretty soon. Glenn wrote me yesterday and told me that he was at O.J.U. so he is moving right up to this place I am at now is pretty grim as far as discipline is concerned but otherwise it is not to bad. Haven't been able to get any laundry done for over [?] weeks as there were no laundries where we were stationed last so I have had to [?] a few things [?] thinks that there are plenty of laundries here and usually you can get your laundry done in a short time. I have been [?] Blick's laundry around with me for the past three weeks as I didn't know where he was but I received a real [?] of a letter from him yesterday asking me to send his laundry bloody quick or I wouldn't see Canada again so maybe I had better send it to him. [?] wrote me a nice long letter giving me all the latest gossip and stuff, he seems to be doing all [?] for himself but if I was him I would stay in Canada long as I could as things are pretty grim right now. Well I really haven't got much news to tell you right now I was sure glad to hear that everything is going allright and that everybody is fine. I have received no parcels or cigarettes as yet but now that I am settled down for awhile then things should start to arrive pretty soon at least I sure hope so I will send a letter along with this and maybe I will be able to think of more to say [?] in it. Well until I hear from you again.

Best of luck


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