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Date: August 31st 1943
Mother and all


Dear Mother & All:-

Well another month nearly gone and I am still feeling fine so maybe things aren't as bad as they look. I received Mrs. Hull's letter and yours the same day so I will have to [?] my writing over a little. Also received the check for 5$ so I really away now. Thanks a lot for sending it. The 5 $ I sent Mel went astray some how and they are having quit a time tracing it but maybe they will be able to find it at [?] I hope so as 5 $ is quite a lot of money. I answered Melville's letter but they will probably reach you before it does. It was such a nice letter ad I hope he keeps it up as [?] is nice to hear from the kids. All where he has got me beat by in height [?] so maybe he will think that he is quite the lad now. We were working quite hard right now and I seem to get along with the rest of the chaps in the crew quite well. The pilot or skipper a we call him lets me fly the kite around for awhile so I am getting a little piloting hours in. They are not quite as [?] us Jack is a [?] think that I will be able to save a little bit of money for my next leave. Mel is on leave right now but it isn't possible for him to visit me here so we have had had to cancel another party we had cooked up. You just can't plan on having leave to-gether at all as it will probably be a matter of luck if we are going to get to see eachother again. I sent Delbert's letter to hi as was instructed so he will get all the news of the latest wolfes in the Wilson clan. Delbert sure seems anxious to meet his new [?] but I am afraid I will have to disappoint him [?] I think he should be satisfied with his own girlfriends. I hope you got a lot of berries when you went berry picking, to bad you aren't here to pick them as wild [?] grow right outside new billets. There is also a apple orchard and the lady can't seem to figure out why she has so many [?] this year. I wonder?!! They sure do taste good though but they are a little to [?] right now. The House of Columbus fellow was around yesterday. He gave me two sets of pajamas, a [?], two pairs of socks, soap, [?]. All them sure came in handy as I gave our W.A.G. a suit of pajamas and sold the other pair a [?] on the whole it was a very profitable deal. That is the second time that I have got any gifts from them so I am doing all right. He was a Canadian from Alberta and he knows M
r. Bryce so we had a little in common. As far as other news goes there isn't much. I lost my day off for the next two weeks for missing a parade so I can't visit brother again for a while, laundry services are going to be rationed starting to-morrow as I don't know what I am going to do about my dress shirts. If you see Mr. Eaton tell him that I [?] their folks but have not as yet received any reply. Well [?] enough for now good luck and write soon.


P.S. Thanks again for the money and parcels.

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