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Date: October 10th 1918

Seaford 10/10/18

My Dear Mother:-

I have just had my evening meal which comprised some spaghetti, bread & butter tea and corn meal cake and while I am recovering I will write a few letters. The P. M. has forgotten me the last few days. This [is] my duty day at the office which means that I remain around until 9 o'clock. The past week had been a busy one for two large drafts went to France. They were christened the "Victory" drafts and it seems as if they might be the last. The little world war seem well nigh ended and just now the chief topic is what will we do when the war is ended and how soon will we get back to Canada. Of course you can imagine how many suggestions are made and how many guesses are put forth.

It is a great relief to feel that we have won and to realize with fond hopes that before another year we should all be back in the homeland which I, for one, am much better able now to appreciate. The war has been a wonderful experience and I think a wonderful power in character building. It has shown men up. Some have failed - others achieved a name but I think that the great majority who will return are better men today for the part they have taken. To those who have given up their lives and to those who must and have given up theirs, sons, husbands, fathers and loved ones, all praise and renown.

They, too know what war means. But soon we should be back.

Yesterday I met quite a few boys from Creelman who came to the Depot very recently and had quite a nice chat. In the evening Mac and I went down town, had a walk along the sea-shore, a meal and then back to camp,.

The weather has been better this week, not so much rain. Hope you are all well. With very kindest love, I am



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