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Date: September 19th 1918

Bexhill 19/9/18

Dear Mother:-

I am tired of reading so I will write you a short letter. This is rather a lonely place for me for poverty is a poor companion. As my pay book was held at Basingstoke on account of my kit being short of a blue arm band - value 2 cents - I could not get any pay today. I am hoping that your cable will come soon for I must get a razor in order to shave. In such an army as this an ordinary soldier is a hundred percent better off in France.

It is very nice out today and the fresh sea-breezes and sunlight are quite refreshing. Yesterday we were looked over by the Medical Officer and in a day or so we will know the course on which we are to go. Some get two hours P.T., some one hour, some special exercises, some massage for stiffened muscles etc. I am not sure and care very little what they give me. We have good beds, a mattress, white sheets, counterpane and four blankets. Breakfast at 7.00, dinner at 12.00, supper at 4.30 and then a lunch at 7.00. There is a YMCA evening after 4.30 and on Wed. & Saturday afternoons. Well, I'll close now.



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