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Date: September 6th 1918

No. 22 Gen. Hospital
France 6/9/18

My Dear Mother:-

Just a few lines tonight, Mother, while we are waiting for the next repast to make its formal appearance. I am getting along very nicely indeed. Today the first stitch was removed and tomorrow it is likely all will be taken out. As soon as the stitches are removed the O.C. of the Hospital decides as to whether you go to England or no. My leg is quite stiff but it is not very sore and it is merely a question of time until the wound heals and I am on my feet again.

It has been a trifle cooler today and I was able to sleep for a few hours this afternoon. I am thankful that I'm able to sleep fairly well at night. I am not allowed to get up and I can assure you it gets pretty monotonous lying in bed hour after hour. I spend most of my time reading. A very good book, of Winston Churchill's, has kept me well occupied today. I will miss the magazines and I [sic] papers I was getting from you and Nellie.

I wrote to Nellie a day or so ago and addressed the letter to Mount Forrest. [sic] I suppose she will get the letter alright. Now that school is re-opened, you and Charlie will be left alone. I suppose you will be well along with the summer work. The summer has slipped by quickly altho' the last week hasn't been any too speedy. Just a week ago I was in the Casualty Clearing Station waiting for the transferrence [sic] and enjoying a real sleep. Well, Mother, I haven't much news to give you and will close this. With best love from



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