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Date: August 6th 1918

August 6th 1918

My Dear Mother:-

I've wanted to write but its been impossible to find time and circumstances. But I'll write a few lines tonight before I go to bed. I'm going early for I was on guard last night didn't have much chance to snooze. I got a box from you yesterday. That coffee was great stuff and the chocolate tasted just right. I was muchly dissappointed [sic] when I opened the two cakes of soap which had on them a paper with "Creemy Toffee" written on it. When with visions of much sweetness I removed & took off the paper and found only soap - well what I said must not be printed. Then again I missed the cake in the cocoa tin. I thought as the tin seemed sealed that it was cocoa so I took it to the cooks and they were going to give us some cocoa for our evening lunch or guard. Now, no cook is honest enough to pass up real Canadian cake so I lost there too. The towel came in handy for I needed a clean one for we haven't had a bath for quite a time. Haven't had much Can. Mail for some time. We are in a very nice village and putting in a strenuous time in tactical scheme etc.

Well, Mother, must say bye-bye for tonight. Hope you are all in best of health.

Yours, with love, Frank

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