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Date: July 26th 1918

France July 26th

My Dear Nellie:-

Received a letter from you the other day. So you are enjoying your vacation and at the same time assisting in the work around the old homestead. Haven't been doing much in particular today, a few odd jobs sufficing to put in the time. Today we again had a few showers, quite frequent occurrences during the past few days.

Well, Nellie, I guess your boxes are coming now alright and I get some of the papers at least. The parcel looks better than money to me for there are little delicacies you can send that you can't purchase here. Yes, that sweater will be just the thing in another two months and say, little girl, will you buy me a strap for my wrist watch. I have been going to ask Mother to send one but it always slipped my mind.

Today I had two very nice letters [from] Lipton, one from Mr. Newth, the chairman of the school board and another from one of the bank clerks, a C 3 (?)boy who has tried repeatedly to get into the army. It is certainly cheering to hear from old friends. Mr. Newth writes such a nice letter. The day before a letter came from Mr. Carrothers eldest son at Creelman. Wendell is now a Cadet in the R.A.F. at Toronto. He is quite a smart young lad and should make a good airman. Billy Shields who left Lipton at the same time is going strong. Just a few days [ago] he had an encounter with several Heinie planes and came home unscathed with some forty bullet holes in his machine. Well, I will close now. Enjoy yourself.



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