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Date: July 23rd 1918

July 23rd 1918

My Dear Mother:-

I have just forty minutes �till the bugle is due to announce our evening meal - time enough to allow me to write you a line. We are back in the billets once more - returned on Sunday afternoon as no attack materialised on the front to which we had been sent.

This has been a wet day. It has rained practically all day. On Monday we were issued with leather equipment in place of the web which we have used since coming to France. This morning we had an Inspection by the Second in Command and it rained during the entire performance. Our hut leaks badly and we were busy for quite a while devising ways and means of keeping the water off our beds and belongings. It was quite a task as a[t] times the hut resembled the interior of a shower bath with the water turned on full presence. This appears to be the wet season in France for during the last three weeks the weather has been very showery. Last night our Battery played the Sgts an indoor baseball game, the first we've had for a month or so. It was a real touch-and-go to get out for a little exercise. This afternoon, we spent our [time inspecting ?] machine gun ammunition belts. I received a box and some papers from Nellie last week. In one of the papers was the account of Colborne Warren's trial. I suppose those Carrother boys are the ones living on the same concession just down from him.

There is nothing much happening around here. We are all well. Reid and Storrey live in the same hut with me now and I see them more. MacCormac, according to his last letter, is due to go back to Canada.

Well, hope you are all well. With very best wishes and love from


F.C. Cousins

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